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Samsung HDTVs — One Of The Best

Author: Bishop Williams

Samsung is and probably always will be a leader in consumer technology. They’ve been around for many, many moons and continue to bring us the cutting edge everything when it comes to outfitting our homes with the latest, most technologically advanced gadgetry we’ve never imagined yet have also decided we can’t possibly live without. Due to their extreme magnitude, there are Samsung HDTVs in pretty much every form of set on the market.

The newest technologies in Samsung HDTVs are their LED sets. These high definition televisions are considered to be some of the most advanced available today. One of the major features that Samsung specifically brings to market is something called InfoLink and Medi@2.0. These services bring a level of connectivity many people haven’t even considered to their TV setups. You can receive internet content via major mediums like Yahoo! and Flickr as well as other online TV widgets. These are considered eco-friendly and have incredibly contrast ratios and picture clarity. They also offer things like DLNA networking to serve more as a network than simply a TV setup.

LCD and plasma are also in the Samsung HDTVs lineup. From the bare bones series of things like the 3 series all the way up to the 9 series offering 1,000,000:1 contrast resolutions and DLNA networking capability, there’s surely a match for both your budget and your desire in one of these two. LCD HDTV’s are becoming the most popular forms of televisions on the market but plasma still has many followers. Some manufacturers are starting to step away from plasma, though, as it has a tendency to be more expensive and the technology behind LCD is approaching that of which is available in plasma form.

Finally, the last main player in Samsung HDTVs lineup is the DLP offerings. DLP has slowly grown to become a home theater offering for those seeking a massive TV while not wanting to pay tens of thousands for the LCD, LED, or plasma equivalent. DLP is a flat screen TV that still offers full HD 1080P resolutions but at a much more reasonable cost. Samsung offers a 61”, 67”, and 72” in various lines in this flat screen segment of their market. Even their lowest end series, the 5 series, boasts great industry leading benefits like a larger color wheel, Texas Instruments DLP chips and smooth light engines. All in all, Samsung is a trusted brand and with its enormous HD lineup, there’s something for everyone.

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