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The Samsung 52 Inch TV — The Star Of Your Home Theater System

Author: Leslie Brooks

The Samsung 52 in TV brings realism to your viewing experience. They are the perfect TVs to use as the focal point for your home theater system.

So what makes them so awesome?

Overall Viewing Experience

The viewing experience is unmatched. Many describe it by saying it’s like watching a scene through a window. Some say it like watching a play. How much more lifelike can you get?

Not only is the viewing experience stunning when watching movies, one user reported seeing details that he’d never seen before on his own home movies!

Display Details

The 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, like that found on the Samsung 52 LN52A650 lends to an amazing image. Black will be more intense, as will white.

Samsung 52 inch TVs have 1080p, or full HD. This means 1.5 times more scanning lines than conventional HDTVs.

This leads to more pixels which equals more details and a better picture overall. This is 2 times greater than conventional HDTVs.


Samsung 52 inch TVs have advanced HD connectivity and networking capabilities. Several devices can be connected to the set through HDMI 1.3 inputs. There is even one on the side of the TV. You can even control all your CEC-enabled devices using only one remote.

So besides your DVD player or Blu Ray, you can connect devices like game consoles and satellite dish components into the rear connections. You can use the side mounted connection for easy access for cameras, laptops and camcorders.

The Wheel Key Remote control and the content management interface allows you to access device menus as well as show and manage content.

The Samsung 52 inch TV is a home theater owner’s dream.

The Samsung 52 inch TV is the perfect pick for someone who wants to set up the a home theater system. But, I’ve barely scratched the surface about why this TV is the number one pick for TVs in its class. If you want to know why electronics experts like CNET call this model “Superb”, go to There you’ll find real customer reviews as well as video reviews from the experts and info on where to find the best deals on Samsung 52 inch TVs.

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