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Coordinated Samsung Employee Dance–South Korea Samsung Summer Festival

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2 Responses to “Coordinated Samsung Employee Dance–South Korea Samsung Summer Festival”

  1. lacecurtainmama
    February 25, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    I culled through two years worth of comments on the YouTube site, and am posting info of note here. While I haven’t verified any of the facts, most of what I’ve extracted was repeated several times in the life of the comments threads, which lends it a certain credibility.

    1. Samsung is the largest conglomerate in South Korea, having its roots in a sugar factory {of all things!) in Daegu, South Korea. Samsung comprises 20% of Korean Economy and many Koreans consider Samsung a kind of pride of Korea.

    2. This video clip is part of a considerably larger Samsung summer Festival presentation. A commenter whose brother took part in the event notes that this represents the culmination of the Samsung Electronics new staff orientation. Eveything in the performance has meaning–such as images of the Electronics department products (TV, Mobile, Semi-Conductor etc).

    So, 2:00-2:30 shows that how semi-conductor looks like and works, 3:45 – 5:00 represnts the TV teams, 5:30 – 6:30 shows Samsung mobile’s 10mil sold models.

    3. The amazing choreography is computer-generated, so that each person has a device that tells them what *move* to do at what time. It is simply skill :) Like when you play in a piano… Each note is one key, whereas each note here, is a dance move. Very talented dancers.

    4. Their outfits are capes — yellow and blue on the front and back, and red and white underneath. By flipping them, they make images. Commenter has seen the whole DVD (not available to the general public) featuring the dances from the SAMSUNG staff and calls them AWESOME !!!

    5. A participant in the production notes that THE MOST AMAZING THING WAS THAT almost everyone doing this (as each pixel of the show) was really exuberant during the whole rehearsing period. We were really enjoying ourselves, he says.

    6. The dance was performed by newly employed persons in cellular phone department of Samsung Electronics as part of an annual Samsung sports event. “Anycall” is domestic brand name of cell phone. It means that you can call in any place with the phone even though you may be in a desperate situation. The reference to 10,000,000 refers to sales in excess of 10,000,000 worldwide for each cell phone model. The dance serves as a cheer and incentive to Samsung employees — “Go! Go! Samsung! We can make another world best seller!

    7. Korea, a country smaller then the state of New York, is home to many internationally respected companies: Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Anycall, Kia, and Helio.

    8. SOUTH KOREA information
    (brand = SAMSUNG, LG, Hyndai,Kia,Daewoo,Posco,Hynix ..)
    #world’s 1st largest mobile industry.

    #world’s 1st largest onlingame industry
    #world’s 1st largest semiconductor industry
    #world’s 1st largest dgital TV industry
    #world’s 1st largest computer production industry
    #world’s 2th largest LCD monitor industry
    #world’s 3th largest constuction industry
    #world’s 1st~7th shipbuilding industry

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